Why Centrifuges

Centrifuges Unlimited Inc. is your one-stop solution for separation equipment. Since 1985, our experienced team has been providing unparalleled services to a diverse list of customers located in Canada, United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Accessible 365 days a year, our expertise covers virtually all areas and industries where centrifuges, decanters and related separation equipment are used.

Company History

Incorporated in 1985, Centrifuges Unlimited Inc. has developed into one of the leading separation equipment suppliers in North America. With more than 100 years of combined experience, CUI provides a broad base of services including sales of new, rebuilt and used centrifuges along with manufacturing, repair and maintenance to virtually all makes and models of centrifuges. From a humble beginning in the waste oil business, CUI has grown to become a leader in providing separation equipment and services to virtually all industries.

Values Statement

The Values Statement serves to define the quality of the relationship of the organization with its environment. Such statements are usually focused on how the organization relates to its operating environment. They are generally written using the collective pronoun, we. They contain high-minded themes such as the need for ethics and fairness. They describe the implications of the organization’s value system for its employees, its customers, the community and the environment. Working together, our employees created the following Values Statement:

“Our company operates as a family, providing strong customer interaction, emphasizing high ethical standards, honesty and integrity in an enjoyable environment. The company’s reputation is paramount.